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to 19:00
Mandala Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Anahata Health Clinic
From 2nd September
to 17:30

Private Class
to 18:45
Yin-Yang Yoga
Anahata Health Clinic
£8.00 (£6.00 concessions)
to 19:15
Yin Yoga
Anahata Health Clinic
From 5th September


Anahata Health Clinic
Anahata map
119-120 Edward Street
Up the road from the old Amex building

Private Classes

For Absolute Beginners

It can be daunting going into a yoga class if you've never done yoga before, so why not take a private beginners course? This will give you a sound grounding in yoga and get you going quicker with more focus from the teacher, who is able to train you in good alignment and breathing techniques and perform hands-on adjustments throughout the class.

For Practicing Yogis

Private yoga classes are a wonderful tool to help you develop a personal practice, to understand how sequencing is put together and to further your knowledge of yoga philosophy and pranayama breathing techniques.

For Trainee Teachers

If you're thinking of becoming a yoga teacher private lessons are an excellent way to build your confidence before the course and to help increase your fitness level. I can help you brush up on yoga sequencing, anatomy & phisiology and pranayama skills. I can also offer advice selecting a course that is correct for your personal needs as the process of choosing one from the vast number available nowadays can be quite overwhelming.


I can provide a course of 10 lessons in the comfort of your own home lasting 90 minutes each at for a cost of £250. For one-off classes it's £30 for 90 minutes. If you wish to take a classes in Anahata studio instead then you'll need to add on the room hire cost, which is £19 per lesson.

Please if you’d like to discuss this opportunity.

More Yoga!

On warm, sunny days I also hold classes in the park. Please contact me if you’re interested in joining in the fun.

I also offer:

Please if you’d like to discuss any of these.

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