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I have been practising yoga since the 1980s when a visit to the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas changed my life. It has stayed with me ever since, and after decades of practising yoga becoming a teacher was the natural progression.

Yoga has always grounded me and pulled me to healthier life choices when needed. Yoga is the great builder of positive grooves and I love to see the impact of this on students. I enjoy helping and motivating people.

In 2014 I cofounded the Brighton Yoga Foundation to bring yoga to a wider variety of people from all walks of life with a free festival.

I’m a certified Sun Power Yoga teacher and I also teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Aqua Yoga. I hold the following qualifications and registrations:

I’m also a trained dancer and was a figure skater. Fitness is my passion!


“Vinyasa and Sun Power Yoga with the lovely Mikaela has changed my life! I had always wanted to do yoga but with two young children and a full time job I was not making time for me. Now I am and for two precious hours twice a week I am taught how to focus and strengthen my mind and body. Mikaela’s caring student-focused approach is empowering. I can now do things I never would have dreamt of. Being on this journey guided by Mikaela has made the hard times bearable and life’s good times beautiful. I will hopefully meet some of you soon! Om!” Charlotte S

“I have been coming to Mikaela’s classes for 9 months and I have felt the benefits in so many ways. I look forward to it all week! Mikaela has created a warm, friendly environment in which everyone is welcome. She has a very personal touch that I haven’t come across at other yoga classes. Physically my flexibility and strength have noticeably improved and I’m sometimes surprised at the progress I’ve made without realising. Also I have found that relaxation techniques learned in the class are useful in every day life… Enough to keep me on track until the next class!! Sun Power Yoga is the perfect antidote to busy city life. I can’t recommend Mikaela’s class highly enough.” Beth R

“Mikaela’s class is a perfect mix of relaxation and strengthening. Whenever I have felt stressed or anxious these classes have helped calm both my body and mind.” Hannah R

“I came along to Mikaela’s class not sure what to expect as I had no experience of Yoga, but wow I am impressed! I was encouraged to go at my own pace. I originally came to get fitter and lose a bit of weight but I now feel very much a part of something special. Nice, calm, encouraging, welcoming, just a few of the words I can use for Mikaela and her classes.” Kevin O

“I started yoga with the intention of beginning a new hobby and starting to incorporate more exercise into my daily life. But with Mikaela’s yoga class I got far more than that. Not only did my general fitness improve, but I was far more relaxed and less stressed thanks to the meditative aspects. This yoga course has been thoroughly enjoyable, and has enabled me to find a whole new way to keep fit that is enjoyable, varied and entertaining!” Chloé L

“As a relative newcomer to Mikaela’s classes, I find them to be the perfect combination of challenge and relaxation. Mikaela’s sensitivity to the needs of the group and individuals stretch both mind and body in an environment which is supportive and welcoming. They have rapidly become a very important part of my week.” Charlotte M

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